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Nigel ..aka..Nico Pat .... aka...Maka Paul...aka...Gibbo Tony...aka...Rudi Martin....aka...Slej
The Bogus Brothers were formed in 1986 originally as a Blues Brothers tribute and contained eight members. The band are now a five piece and while playing a handful of Blues Brothers tracks they now have a comprehensive repertoire of cover songs that embrace many styles and emphasize the party aspect of their energetic stage show.

The Bogus Brothers are a five piece outfit with the usual line up of most bands ie, drums, bass guitar, guitar, keyboards and lead vocal. Unusually this five-piece band also includes a two-piece brass section and still remains a five piece! The art to this is that the keyboard player doubles up on trumpet and the guitarist doubles up on trombone and with some clever arranging and production this band have a BIG sound.

Bogus Brothers on Tour Around Europe



Let the Bogus Brothers Entertain You! Tony..aka Rudi on Trumpet, Nigel..aka..Nico, Pat..aka..Maka..singing his heart out and Paul..aka...Gibbo drumming out pure rythmic sounds
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